Is your Revenue Cycle a little leaky?

RCM. It's complicated, right? Especially when you involve humans. And where humans are involved, mistakes will be made and things will be missed. But the thing is, those little mistakes add up to a whole lot of money. So, how do you patch all those little leaks? Good question. At Venture, we decided an automated auditing process was the answer. Then we meticulously created GoRev's Revenue Integrity feature which seeks out common mistakes so that you can identify and fix them before they cost you.

How about that? Pretty cool, huh? Is your drug missing an NDC code? Oops. Did you just miss an additional CPT? Drip, drip, drip, drip. Missing insurance information on a patient visit that you had all along? Leaks, everywhere!

It's time to put a stop to all those pesky RCM leaks. It's time to start using GoRev's Revenue Integrity feature. It's GoTime!

P.S. We have another contest for you! Submit your ideas for additional Revenue Integrity rules to We'll pick our favorite and send you $50.


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