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A full-featured Health Information System, built for today's healthcare industry.
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GoRev makes Healthcare run smoothly

Software built for today's healthcare industry

A proven, full-featured Health Information System, GoRev offers scheduling, patient information, billing, integrated EDI solutions, advanced reporting, 5010 electronic claim file formatting and much more.

GoRev brings enterprise-level functionality to a cost-effective Health Information System. We have developed our features with direct input from our clients and this gives our solution a unique advantage over our competitors. All of our tools are designed to make your practice more profitable by automating the processes that consume employee hours.

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GoRev Solutions

A single, integrated platform that gives you the tools to excel.

GoRev Micro-Hospitals

The Micro-Hospital Multi-Tool Software

The GoRev platform has all the tools you need to successfully manage a Micro-Hospital. From patient scheduling and admissions to Claim submission and denial follow-up, GoRev has it covered!

GoRev enables you to run nearly every Micro-Hospital process, all on a single software system. You no longer need a software for registration, and another for laboratory, and another for radiology, and another for RCM. That’s right, GoRev manages ALL of these and more!
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Laboratory Information Management System

Aside from being a robust LIMS, the GoRev suite is a complete system to run every facet of your laboratory.

The GoRev LIMS has an extended set of features. Front end processes are handled with ease thanks to our patient registration module that includes full-scheduling and real-time eligibility checks. Automated coding rules paired with an industry-leading RCM module creates a situation where reimbursement processes are streamlined, ensuring healthy cash flow.
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GoRev Laboratory Information Management System
GoRev Free Standing Emergency Rooms

Free Standing Emergency Rooms

In the freestanding ER world, efficiency is the name of the game. This applies to everything from patient registration all the way thru claims processing and reimbursement. For an ER to be successful, it must run as a well-oiled machine in every way. Over the last 5 years, GoRev has proven to be the oil that keeps ERs running efficiently and maximizing collectible dollars in the process.
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Covid-19 Labs & Test Sites

So many times, we have encountered clients who purchase a LIMS only to realize it is missing key features required to actually run a full lab business. That is why the GoRev team set out to develop a LIMS (Laboratory Operating System). To us, a LIMS should satisfy all needs of a laboratory with features such as: patient self-scheduling, fully integrated lab equipment, digital lab results delivery, automated CPT charge generation and an extensive suite of revenue cycle management features.
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GoRev is equipped with express registration

What sets us apart?

GoRev never stops improving

Active Development

Constantly evolving technology and healthcare regulation means that GoRev never stops improving. Our development team is hard at work, every day, to bring you new features and fulfill ever changing industry regulations.

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GoRev has Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

Lightning fast searching, instant data abstraction and sub second loading times. This coupled with the fact you can use GoRev anywhere means your workforce is efficient whether working from the office or at home.

GoRev's support professionals are available 24/7/365.

Customer Service

Emergency rooms and urgent care facilities cannot wait until "work hours" to receive support. Our support professionals are available 24/7/365. And we guarantee you will speak to a human being, not a robot.