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GoRev Analytics

Healthcare information flows through at such a rapid pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all of your day to day information. With a constantly evolving industry, GoRev continues to develop financial and clinical reporting that is accurate, informative and at your fingertips.

Equipped with an extensive library of already prepared reporting and an in-house data analytics staff, we want you to have all the tools necessary to make quicker decisions both confidently and accurately.

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GoRev Reporting


Vital information to keep your business running smooth and efficient.

In its most basic form, reporting is clean way to look at complicated sets of data. From the registration desk, to that last patient statement, there are hundreds of fields that get entered for just one patient. We supply advanced reporting statistics allowing you a clearer picture of each step of the billing process.

Would you like that information emailed to you directly every day? We have report scheduling that allows you to pick the days and times you would like to receive a particular report.

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GoRev makes managing multiple locations simple through enterprise-wide reporting, charting and searching that can be accessed from all physical locations simultaneously.

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Get organized, stay on task. GoRev can send you a report, on a schedule, when and where you want it. All you need is your email address and your login password and you will receive a password protected report.

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Reporting is often linked to the actual patient account you are inquiring about. You will be able to go directly from your report, straight to the patient data you want to view.


View the overall health of your company at a glance.

The clearest pictures appear when you take a step back and see things as a whole. Graphs are an amazing way to view natural trends in data over long periods of time.

Easily readable, point to point data results allow you to see anywhere from up to the minute data, to data from years past. These points can be drilled-down to view the behind the scenes patient information that creates each point.


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Data Behind

Go deeper into the data than you ever thought possible. Click on data points, or lines within the graph, and you will be able to hone in, isolate, and extract information specific to you and your team.


Drill Down

Each data point on a graph is comprised of tens, hundreds, thousands, and in some case even more than that. GoRev will allow you to drill into the data points and get a snapshot of this data.



Solutions that are unique to you.

Not every business is the same. From a stand-alone small practice to a large system of hospitals, we want to be able to meet the needs of all of our customers.

We have an active development and data analytics team that can work hand-in-hand to create custom reporting, dashboards, and employee evaluation tools that are for your business exclusively.

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Request and create your own reporting! While we provide you with a host of reports right out of the box, we also create reports for our clients. GoRev’s team of data analysts can have your customized report within 24-48 hours!


Make Your Own

If you have a SQL proficient person on your staff GoRev will allow that person to create custom reports and skip the waiting period.


Manage your staff's performance effectively.

Every employer strives to create an environment that allows its employees to flourish and succeed. With the proliferation of remote employees, it is more vital than ever that employers maintain a connection with a diverse and large workforce.

GoRev has implemented a Revenue Cycle Management suite that will enable you to better track your employee’s performance whether that is in the office or working remotely. Illuminate all possible areas of success in your business.


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Activity Log

Managers have many important responsibilities and keeping track of their employees' productivity can be a difficult task. A built-in activity log allows managers to easily make sure that their employees are staying on task.



Have specific goals you want your team to meet for follow-up, coding days, or more? Stop crunching numbers and let GoRev "Grades" give you a quick view at all your metrics to maximize efficiency!



Privacy is important to many. Staff activity can be categorized into "Work" or "Non Work" if you choose. Showing your employees productivity without any conflicting feelings on privacy.

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