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In the freestanding ER world, efficiency is the name of the game. This applies to everything from patient registration all the way thru claims processing and reimbursement. For an ER to be successful, it must run as a well-oiled machine in every way. Over the last 5 years, GoRev has proven to be the oil that keeps ERs running efficiently and maximizing collectible dollars in the process.

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Features List.

GoRev brings enterprise-level functionality to a cost-effective Practice Management System. Features developed as a result of direct input from our clients give our solution a unique advantage over competitors. GoRev’s tools were designed to make your Emergency Room more profitable by automating many of the processes that traditionally consume employee hours.

GoRev emphasizes the following feature sets specific to management of Freestanding ER’s: Patient Registration & Scheduling, Revenue Cycle Management, and Analytics.

Paperless Patient Registration

Powerful Front-end that has all the tools to make your registration and requisitions a snap.

Systems Interfacing

Flexible, customizable inbound and outbound capabilities that allows you to work with other systems.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Web Based Patient Portal

Patient registration, scheduling, requisitions, and results are all completed and delivered via our secure portals.

Real Time Eligibility

Get insurance coverage status, co-insurance, and more with a single click

Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure you are reimbursed quickly and easily.

Merchant Service Integration

Keeping the patient payment process flowing.

STAT Check-In with Label Printing

Quickly Check-in patients in need of urgent care.

Barcode Charge Capture

Our barcode scanning technology saves you time and increases your revenue.

THCIC/State Reporting

GoRev makes state reporting a snap.

Patient Registration

GoRev’s front end a is highly comprehensive set of tools designed to make patient processing and data acquisition easy.

Digital Patient Registration

Acquisition of patient data in GoRev’s intake module is breeze with auto-completion for searches by name, account number, and social security number. Forms traditionally printed on paper and physically signed by patients can now be digitized and electronically signed via any internet connected touch capable device (phones, tablets, etc.)

Advanced Searching

ER’s that have multiple locations benefit from the ability to use advanced search to locate patients that may have previously visited another location, thus preventing duplicates, and saving time in the process.

Pre-Registration Portal

Initially developed as a means to provide a contactless registration process to combat the challenges of high-volume testing during the COVID pandemic, this feature continues to add efficiency to healthcare registration processes.


GoRev scheduling is also 100% integrated. Scheduling appointments, checking eligibility, logging authorizations, capturing patient information, and printing face sheets are managed efficiently, enabling a well-oiled front-end process.

Contactless Experience
Contactless Experience
Contactless Experience

Web-based Patient Portal

HIPAA Compliant Patient Messaging – Portal inbox allows you to securely communicate with your patients and exchange files. Need to have a payer appeal form, coordination of benefits form, or send clinical results to your patient? This system can be used to securely facilitate these transfers. The portal also supports automatic translation from English to a variety of languages.

Dedicated Test Results Area – Patients can retrieve their clinical results securely at any time from our patient portal. This becomes very useful for patients who are traveling and need to access COVID test results.

Electronic Patient Billing – Send patients electronic statements via our patient portal with reminders sent via email and sms text. Built in merchant services allow patients to pay online and payments to automatically post back into your GoRev system.

STAT Check-In

Handling emergent situations in the ER doesn’t always leave time for thorough check in, yet some form of registration is critical. That’s where our STAT Check-In feature comes in. Quickly check the patient in and print the labels you need to keep things moving.

STAT Check-In


Systems integration is a core competency here at GoRev. Over the years, our integration team has worked to integrate with numerous systems in the healthcare world. When data flows seamlessly from system to system, it reduces manual labor costs and increases efficiency, resulting is cost savings. Having medical records automatically transfer from your EMR into GoRev provides your team access to all the information they need to effectively code and bill your claims in a single system. In most cases, we do not charge for interfacing as it’s considered a benefit of being a GoRev client. If you have a favorite EMR, or Inventory Management System, no worries, let’s get it integrated with GoRev!
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Supported Formats

The interface engine supports all file formats, including API, HL7, X12, XML, PDF, Flat File, and ASTM. We are up to date with the industry standard in regard to HL7 message types. ADT, DFT, ORM, ORU, SIU, etc.

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Flat Data

Importing your data is a snap with our incredibly flexible system. GoRev is able to import SQL data, excel, csv, xml, and most file type.

Real-Time Eligibility
Real-Time Eligibility

Real Time Eligibility

You no longer need to call all insurance carriers to retrieve your patients' insurance information. Simply go to GoRev's eligibility section and click "Run Eligibility" to see coverage status, co-insurance, and more! The eligibility report is even automatically saved in the patient file for future use.

Barcode Charge Capture

We know that charge capture is an integral and often forgotten part of the revenue cycle. Charging and reconciling services for every encounter which are often unique, can be a monumental task.

Our barcode scanning technology saves you time and increases your revenue. Charge capture becomes as simple as scan patient’s wrist band then scan your supply items manufacturer’s barcode. Your team can create 'Charge Books' containing a complete set of department specific charges codes.

Charge Capture
Charge Capture
Charge Capture
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Healthcare information flows through at such a rapid pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all your day-to-day information. In a constantly evolving industry, GoRev continues to develop financial and clinical reporting that is accurate, informative and at your fingertips.

Equipped with an extensive library of over 200 standard reports coupled with an in-house data analytics staff, we aim to provide you with all the tools necessary to make rapid, yet informed decisions.

Custom reports are developed for you and tailored to the needs of your environment.

Revenue Cycle Management

GoRev has a reputation as being a top software on the market when it comes to Revenue Cycle Management. With the GoRev system, every module is connected and accessible throughout the GoRev interface. This includes the RCM/billing module. By having RCM as an integrated piece of your micro-hospital, you form an end-to-end system that assures data integrity and profit maximization. No more working in multiple systems, no more missing charges!


Generating clean and accurate claims is important to every revenue cycle. GoRev provides automatic notification of adjustment reason codes if a claim is denied, so your billers can fix claims swiftly and efficiently.


Through automated 835 posting processes and the ability to view your entire batch before finalizing, GoRev makes the posting process quick, accurate, and manageable.


An effective employee workflow system maintains organization throughout your workforce. GoRev workflow puts the patients that are relevant to that employee in one area and from there you can navigate through all of GoRev. If a claim is denied, it will be sent back to a billing specialist workflow stating the reason behind that denial. If a claim is missing insurance, it will go back to registration.

Denial Management

Through automatic consumption of adjustment reason codes on electronic EOBs and electronic claim status (coming soon), GoRev gives you a claim by claim worklist of everything denied.

Patient Financials

Drop the pressure of the unknown and take control of each claim in your patient responsibility department. Advanced reporting allows a manager to view, in real-time, all aspects of their accounts receivable.

Automated Coding (LIS)

The GoRev LIS Coding Module is both ICD-9 and ICD-10 compliant. It offers automatic code completion and a comprehensive list of CCI checks and in house rules to assist and automate the streamline the coding process. Additionally, GoRev tracks every claim through the coding process so that you don’t have to.

State Reporting

State reporting is now a requirement in the Freestanding ER space. For example, in the State of Texas, Freestanding ER’s are required to submit quarterly reports to THCIC. We found that the majority of our clients were struggling thru this process manually and the labor costs were adding up. We worked to create a means of creating the reporting data inside of GoRev and exporting it in a format that was ready for state submission. In some cases, we even built an interface with the state entity so that transmission of the data was automated. GoRev makes state reporting a snap and has saved countless hours and dollars!

Merchant Services

Enable your credit card device to work directly with GoRev. Credit card readers take the pain out of manually entering in information, keeping the patient payment process flowing. Collect payments during online patient registration processes or at the time of visit. Our integrated merchant services providers allow for automated payment posting and secure online patient payment portals. Want to learn more, contact Global Payments Integrated here:

Merchant Services

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