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Put your best foot forward with a fast, simple registration process.
Let GoRev help in delivering a friendly and confident first impression. GoRev is equipped with express registration, a full scheduling module, real-time eligibility, and patient outreach campaigns.

The first thing that your patients will come into contact with is your registration department. You will have a staff that is fast, organized, and ready to set that next appointment.

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Don’t let disorganization slow you down!

Interested in appointment scheduling that is highly customizable? GoRev has got that in spades. Create your own departments and rooms, color code all of your appointments, and print your own custom scheduling templates. Viewing can be done by day, by week, or by month and you will have cross department visibility.

GoRev scheduling is also 100% integrated. You can go directly from the scheduled appointment to checking eligibility, authorizations, viewing patient information, and printing face sheets.

Top Features



Schedule printing goes beyond just printing the calendar. Create custom printing templates, print just a single physician or a specific room, and manage what information you would like to be seen on each print.



Our scheduling system is built to work for any practice, no matter the size or structure. Have two locations that share patients? Easily create separate departments for multiple locations while sharing selected resources between them!


When time is vital, we’ve got you covered!

Get patient information entered faster than ever before. GoRev uses auto-completion for searches by name, account number, and social security number. So, as you type GoRev goes. Still can’t find the patient? Global searching allows you to search for a patient through all other affiliated facilities.

Patient’s first visit? Not to worry, you could scan their driver’s license and it will fill the demographic fields for you. Visit information is a cinch with physician searching, automatically generated admitting date and time, and an easy uploading service. We even have express registration for those times when speed is of the essence.


Top Features



There is no telling what situations you are going to run into when you are dealing with patient care. "Stat Check-in" allows you to get patients checked in with the least amount of information required, so that they can quickly get the help that they need.



You no longer need to call providers to retrieve your patients' insurance information. Simply go to GoRev's eligibility section and click "Run Eligibility" to see coverage status, co-insurance, and more!



For bigger practices with multiple locations, tracking down a patient’s history can become very difficult. In our system, we allow you to search for a patient multiple ways and across all facilities. You will be able to see which facility a patient has visited and link directly to that account



Get an in depth look at what strategies are working (and what’s not!).

There are some many different ways to advertise to potential patients that it is nice to know where your advertising campaigns are working. What brought that patient through the door? How was their experience? GoRev can help.

We can have a form ready to be filled out that ask questions inquiring about what brought that person into your practice. Those responses are tracked and sent to our reporting section. This will show you exactly what is working for your practice and what is not. Let us do some of the leg work for your marketing department so they can concentrate on the message you are trying to send to your patients.

Top Features



Enable your device to work directly with GoRev. Credit card readers take the pain out of manually entering in information and lets you get back to work quickly.



GoRev allows the front office staff to record payments which are posted directly into the patient’s account.

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