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GoRev brings enterprise-level functionality to a cost-effective Health Information System. We have developed our features with direct input from our clients and we feel this give our solution a unique advantage over our competitors. All of our tools are designed to make your practice more profitable by automating the processes that consume employee hours.

GoRev emphasizes four main areas that define the core of our feature set; Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration and Patient Registration & Scheduling. Use the links below to get detailed information on each of our core features.

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GoRev Analytics

Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Healthcare information flows through at such a rapid pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all of your day to day information. With a constantly evolving industry, GoRev continues to develop financial and clinical reporting that is accurate, informative and at your fingertips.

Equipped with an extensive library of already prepared reporting and an in-house data analytics staff, we want you to have all the tools necessary to make quicker decisions both confidently and accurately.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Increase your revenues through a straightforward, streamlined billing process.

We believe that the key to a successful billing process is an open, easy workflow system. From the day that patient arrives at the registration desk, to the day they receive their last patient statement, there needs to be a clear understanding of where that claim is in the billing process.

GoRev’s Revenue Cycle Management suite handles both institutional and professional billing, it’s an easy to operate, and equipped with many useful tools including enterprise wide searching, system wide auto completion and customizable work lists.

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Data Integration

Convert from your existing systems without the headache.

GoRev developers have worked tirelessly on data integration. When someone is looking for a revenue cycle management system nine out of ten times we hear this question first, "Will you be able to import data from our current system"?

We take pride in the versatility and ease that the GoRev system provides. Fast, efficient, and comprehensive. We will work with PACS, EMR, Discharge Systems, LIS, and more to create an effortless transition for your practice.

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Patient Registration

Put your best foot forward with a fast, simple registration process.

Let GoRev help in delivering a friendly and confident first impression. GoRev is equipped with express registration, a full scheduling module, real-time eligibility, and patient outreach campaigns.

The first thing that your patients will come into contact with is your registration department. You will have a staff that is fast, organized, and ready to set that next appointment.

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