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GoRev E-Statements

Help your patients pay their bills easier than ever before.

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More Payments, Faster Money, Less Expenses!

Save money today.

We have found on average our clients reduce their paper statement footprint by 67% or more. Going green not only helps our environment but it also yields statement processing savings as you can see below. On top of this, we have found significantly reduced payment timeframes and increased patient payments. It is a win, win, win!


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Delivered Securely

via E-mail or Text

Through e-mail and sms text statement delivery, it has never been easier for your patients to pay their bills. Security is one of our top priorities and both methodologies are secured beyond standard HIPAA requirements. GoRev is also SOC II certified and continues to invest heavily in security infrastructure.


Custom tailored to you

Get the statement that is right for you.

The GoRev Team has created 3 uniquely beautiful statement templates to choose from. Simply choose one and we’ll customize it with your own branding.

The GoRev E-Statements feature offers custom route timing. As an example, first you send a statement 7 days after discharge, then 2 days after payment posting, then it sends a text 4 days later reminding the patient of the emailed statement, and from there it begins sending a reminder text and email every 14 days thereafter. This level of automated persistence ultimately yields higher revenues, and that is a great thing for your organization! The system can even revert to paper statements should a patient not open an e-statement contact and view it within a certain threshold of time.

Powerful E-Statement Analytics

Get the stats on your e-statement campaigns.

Our system will provide you with analytics such as:

  • Number of e-statements submitted by route that were viewed, bounced, had a patient click a payment link, and more
  • Provide your users with a workflow to fix any invalid e-mails or phone numbers
  • Compare your previous paper only statements process performance to your new enhanced e-statement process

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