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Specifically designed for COVID labs & test sites. GoRev was developed during the pandemic, for the pandemic.

So many times, we have encountered clients who purchase a LIS only to realize it is missing key features required to actually run a full lab business. That is why the GoRev team set out to develop a LOS (Laboratory Operating System). To us, a LOS should satisfy all needs of a laboratory with features such as: patient self-scheduling, fully integrated lab equipment, digital lab results delivery, automated CPT charge generation and an extensive suite of revenue cycle management features. We have raised the bar on the lab software industry and would love the chance to show you! Schedule a demo today or read on below to see some of our key feature sets (and then schedule a demo!).

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From registration to results, the only patient interaction is taking the sample. When it comes to the safety of your staff, GoRev's contactless solution provides an experience that is unrivaled in the industry. Patient registration, scheduling, requisitions, and results are all completed and delivered via our secure patient portal.

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Automated Result Delivery and Secure Patient Communications

Our system will automatically send patients an email or text instructing them to logon to our secure portal to view their results. Once patients securely authenticate, they can retrieve their results in PDF format and communicate with your teams to coordinate additional treatment when needed.


Paperless Orders and Requisitions

If you are still wanting to use paper requisitions, we might just have some Dunder Mifflin reams we can sell you. (Unlimited paper in a paperless world). Otherwise, setup a demo and we can show you how to remove paper from your specimen collection processes (well, everything except that pesky specimen barcode label... that is never going away).


Accessioning and Order Management

Orders can be interfaced into GoRev from an external system, manually entered via our digital requisition, or set to automatically create for scenarios such as COVID-19 test sites. Our accessioning management module allows you to keep track of exactly where each specimen is at all times; from your courier pickups, to send outs to your other lab partners, to marking specimens received via barcode scanning.

accessioning and ordering

Result Integration and Management

We will integrate to any lab equipment capable of supporting interfacing. Results can either be automatically imported from your testing device or manually entered. Color coded statuses and quick toggles let your lab teams quickly manage their entire resulting flow. Need a new status? No problem, we support you and your flow.

accessioning and ordering

Granular Control of Individual Test Results

Simply click into a result and you can edit each individual test. You will quickly see color coded alerts such as critical high/lows as well as identify tests needing additional clinical range configuration. Need to delete a test and re-run? Simply click the toggle and re-run the specimen on your device (or manually enter the test again via this window.

Edit Individual Test Results

Quick overrides to simplify positive/negative type tests

We process hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 results monthly and set out to simplify the process. For tests resulting to positive, negative, or inconclusive entering your result is as simple as a right click and selection of the result itself. Many COVID tests are cartridge based and cannot be interfaced. This system will speed up your process and let you get more testing done!

Override Test Results

Beautiful and Customized Results

Tired of the boring lab result templates pretty much every lab system in the market uses? So are we! This is why we developed a hyper customizable lab result template design system. We have some great standards and we can cuztomize from there.

Click here to download a sample PDF
Beautiful and Customized Results

An easier QC process

From tracking QC testing material lot effective dates to automatic calculation of mean and standard deviation. Our QC system will remove a large part of this burden from your team's workload. Don't know who Stanley Levey or E.R. Jennings is? We can help!


Automated Claim Coding and Billing

GoRev has a reputation as being a top software on the market when it comes to Revenue Cycle Management, so it should come as no surprise that we've automated several RCM-related processes to ensure you are reimbused quickly and easily. Get paid thoroughly and promptly!

Automated Coding and Billing

Client Management Portal

Labs often provide testing services for several clients, and management of those client's orders and results can be a challenge to manage. That's why we've created a client portal. This allows your clients to securely view all ordered tests as well as download results individually, or even in bulk. Simple, but effective solutions such as this are key to keeping transparency in your client relationships.

Client Portal

Schedule a demo today!

Call and Schedule a demo to see how we made our LOS completely contactless. (317) 794-3929
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